Two Volunteer Opportunities in Gardening and Urban Agriculture:

First: Niles Garden at Niles Home for Children has 28 organic no till vegetable beds, an orchard with 17 fruit trees, berry bushes, a grape arbor, a nature area and a solar powered waterfall. We teach our kids gardening and understanding of the environment. From our garden we stock a Tuesday afternoon vegetable market for staff and neighbors where the kids learn entrepreneurial and team work skills. Teams of volunteers are needed all throughout the growing season to keep the Niles Garden beautiful and individual volunteers are needed to work closely with our gardener on an on going basis to learn about gardening and/or to mentor some of our youth. Contact Marty Kraft at 816-241-3448 or 816-333-5663.

Second: Niles Home recently started a Gardening/Healthy Lifestyles Program for Niles Home youth clients and neighborhood residents. The program teaches and facilitates gardening in the neighborhood by providing a season long series of workshops as well as by providing interested residents everything they need to garden, including land, tools, soil, seeds, compost and technical support. This program also provides healthy nutrition, eating, cooking and healthy lifestyle instruction and experiential learning. This program needs a wide variety of volunteers to help with canvassing the neighborhood to get the word out to residents, producing the nutrition, eating, healthy lifestyle and gardening events, including volunteers who have healthy eating, cooking, and gardening expertise, who enjoy working with children and have experience event producing and working with families from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. This program is a lot of fun and offers a lot of hands on experience working with a diverse and motivated community to better their health, nutrition and gardening ability. Contact Maria Whittaker at 816-241-3448. 

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