Tracy Garden is a community learn hub where we practice no-till carbon smart gardening. We raise our own mycorrhizal fungi and worms to supply worm castings to make a microbial tea as a probiotic application to the soil. We also make biochar on site and will travel locally to do demonstrations.

Located at 5630 Tracy, KCMO in the 49/63 Neighborhood Coalition, the garden consists of two city lots with 5082 sq. ft. of bed space, some fruit trees, a large composting area and a 8X8 foot shed for tools.

Our Organic No Till Calendar includes a step-by-step video guide to gardening designed to help those who want to earth-friendly methods in growing food. The videos demonstrate the introduction of microorganisms and biochar into our beds, planting techniques, and creating a garden in an urban environment.

Follow a year of no-till gardening through the Garden Calendar


Planting Pepper Seeds

Planting Pepper Seeds

Planting Peppers Indoors in Fungi and Biochar with some discussion of strange warm weather.

Not only is No Till gardening easier than tilling, producing healthy plants and food, it also make our soils better and sequesters carbon.  If everyone who grows food would practice no-till methods and introduce biochar into their soils it would go a long way toward curbing the conditions that contribute to climate change, aka global warming.

Organic No Till gardening is a proven method of

  • establishing and maintaining healthy, well balanced soil
  • eliminating dependencies on unsustainable petrochemical technology
  • providing great food
  • sequestering carbon and
  • experiencing the therapeutic affects of nurturing living things.
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